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Barbells for Boobs (BFB) builds communities that take action in breast cancer by supporting the incorporation of fitness and a healthy lifestyle as cornerstones of the standards of care for breast cancer risk reduction, treatment and survivorship to improve both quality of life and outcomes.

BFB is the “Go To” national organization, resource provider for need based fitness scholarships and local breast screening referrals. BFB hosts an annual Collective to address fitness, nutrition and recovery needs for active breast cancer survivors alongside medical and fitness professionals. We have built a vibrant peer to peer online support group of over 200 breast cancer survivors. Barbells for Boobs seeks to redefine the standard of breast healthcare and improve the quality of life post diagnosis through fitness.

Meet Our Lead Instructors

Dr. Ciaran Fairman

Dr. Fairman is a Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the Exercise Medicine Research Institute.

Dr. Reena Tenorio, DPT

Reena Tenorio is a physical therapist with over 6 years of experience.

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A powerful community of fitness and medical professionals who have been educated to be better able to assist those impacted by breast cancer to safely incorporate physical activity as a cornerstone of their overall care plan.